Whittaker trains for the sprint of her life

The 2018 Commonwealth Games are just four months away, and for competing athletes like Ashleigh Whittaker, every second of training counts.

Whittaker is no stranger to the Commonwealth Games. She ran the 200m sprint and the 100m relay events in Glasgow in 2014.

In the sprint, she finished in 7th place in the third semi-final – and while the Australian women’s team made it to the final for the relay, they couldn’t get the job done, finishing in fifth place overall.

For Whittaker, the Gold Coast is her chance of redemption, and she’s giving it everything she’s got, under the tutelage of coach Peter Fitzgerald, who reached the men’s 200m semi-finals at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.

Jack Cain and Rhys Carman were invited to film Ashleigh for Hatch as she prepares for the Games.