Sunseekers relax at Coogee Beach today. (Photo: Annika Baker/Macleay)

An early taste of summer hits Sydney

Summer doesn’t officially start for another 37 days, however, with the mercury tipped to reach 36 degrees today, Sydney is set to get an early taste of hotter weather.

Sunny skies mixed with warm winds being pushed in from inland Australia will make for a sweltering October day, 22 degrees above the month’s average.

The CBD will be only one degree cooler than Penrith.

Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Mohammed Nabi said: “This situation happens when we don’t get a sea breeze in the city.”

NSW police and emergency services are urging everyone to stay alert and hydrated during the heat, until a cold front reaches Sydney tomorrow.

“Importantly, motorists are reminded it is never okay to leave children, the elderly, or pets unattended in a car – even with the air conditioning running,” said a NSW Police. spokesman.

“Not only is this dangerous, it can be deadly.”

As of this afternoon, Bondi Beach, among other Sydney landmark beaches, was flooded with people flocking to soak up the sunny rays, after a bitterly cold winter.

For now, this reporter is off to the beach. – @jamesayousif