BB Final Week (Photo: Channel 7 facebook)

Big Brother finale: Who will win?

Big Brother is building to its finale on Wednesday night – and we have the full drama of the last week right here, thanks to our BB expert Olivia Babb.

We are down to the pointy end of Big Brother, with the housemates down to single digits.

Last Sunday’s episode brought us the end of  Kieran’s cockroach lives. He was evicted against Sophie when Mat played the smart move and put them both up.

The twist they’ve been hinting at all week was another hallway pass: BB tells Kieran he is, in fact, not evicted but sent to self-isolation in a room that is all white. The entire room is glaringly white — right down to the food, including popcorn, marshmallows and white chocolate. That would be torture. Even BB must know everyone prefers pink marshmallows and milk chocolate.

The white room has me thinking we are living in a similar situation and Big Brother was ahead of its time. Isolated by yourself in a small room, it sounds like they’ve foreshadowed what wuarantine would be like for Australians during COVID-19.

Kieran’s defining moment in the morning: “Everything’s white, even the milk. This is mad”.

In the real house, housemates wake up to no furniture. I wonder if it’s come down to crunch-time where Channel 7 realise they have to sell it all to pay for the prize money of 250k .

The housemates spend the morning lying on the lounge floor in their doonas, watching BB interrogate all the housemates on who sold the furniture.

Spoiler alert! It was BB (as if anyone actually thought one of the housemates did it). To get some of it back Dan has to give up the fish ‘Henry Lee’. It’s the first time we’ve heard about his relationship with the fish, so it’s no surprise he gives it up for the furniture.

Sophie is stressing and rightly so. She knows in her bones that Mat and Dan are going to turn on her. But Chad being the male model — he plays into the stereotype perfectly — uses his one brain cell to tell Sophie he is confident they won’t. He hasn’t been privy to the continuous conversation Mat has been having with Dan about the grudge he is still holding from weeks ago. Let it go, Mat.

When Dan wins the nomination game, which involved unlocking some padlocked boxes, he puts up Sarah and Sophie. While the girls go to beg for their lives, Mat tells Sophie pretty clearly he isn’t sure he will be honouring the pact.

In an obvious tie, Dan makes the decision to show his cards, and evicts Sophie. Only Chad was surprised that Sophie was evicted. He really didn’t see it coming. I find it hard to believe he has worked as a model for that long because no one in that industry doesn’t back stab. He should be used to it.

Big Brother knows Sophie is in the running for winning the game so he decides to send her to the white room for another chance at getting back into the house. Kieran is waiting behind the door for her, not creepily at all..

The next day Mat and Dan are convinced that Chad is cool with the decision to send Sophie home. Little do the trolls realise, he is plotting revenge by being a smiling assassin.

Sophie’s slowly going mad. She starts single-white-femaling onto the walls her revenge plan and I am living for it.

The shopping task this week is for $1000 and on offer includes some aged steak, a phone call home and a Sherrin football. Chad is terrible, but Sarah surprised us by looking like an actual Serena Williams. The trolls were good too but I zone out when they’re doing anything remotely good.

In a sweet moment, Sarah calls her mum. In an emotional moment she tells her she is buying her a house if she wins. Her mum reminds her she probably won’t get one for $250k.

Meanwhile in the white room, BB gives them their task: they get to take some of the prizemoney but must exit the game with the winnings. The housemates get to watch as Dan and Matt watch in pure anger. Kieran presses the red button and walks away with $15k. Sophie breaks down in tears and Kieran tells her to win it for him.

Sophie is back in the game, bitches, and she’s coming for you Mat and Dan!

If I could bottle Mat and Dan’s simmering rage I would. That inventory would start wars. Mat rips off his microphone, declaring: “I’m done.”

Dan tells BB he is walking.

Australia is chanting, “Do it, do it, go home!”

There is nothing like a returned evicted player and Sophie having just spent two days in a room of white, is seeing red. She is about to go queen of dragons on their asses and I can’t wait for the next week.